Week14: Post-Mortems

Introduction WanderMath is an Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) project making an Augmented Reality (AR) experience inspired by Math Walks, to help 4th and 5th graders engage in open-ended math adventures.   Our interdisciplinary team consists of five students: Katherine Wheeler, co-producer […]

Week 13: Playtest at WLU

Week 13: Playtest at WLU This week! We had a playtest at West Liberty University! And then a happy Thanksgiving holiday! Playtest Here are some of the video we took on the Playtest day: These kids are currently in the […]

Week12: Soft Opening

Week12: Soft Opening This week is our Soft Opening Week! For the benefit of people who haven’t experienced a Soft Opening, here’s the basic description:  In the theme industry, it’s called “soft opening.” In the theater, it’s called “previews.” In software, it’s called […]

Week11: Polishing Up!

Week11: Polishing Up! This week we polished as much as we can for all the three activities we had. Let me walk you through it! Activity1 Good News! We have everything ready for activity 1. Here’s the list of enhancements […]

Week10: Nearly Done!

Week10: Nearly Done! This week we finished Activity 3 very quick! Conducted two playtests and sorted out a to-do list for next week. Art Update First, let’s see what we have for the Carnival! The cannon also has a animation […]

Week 9: Wrapping up and starting new

Week 9: Wrapping up and starting new Hi everyone! It’s already week 9! ONE WEEK LEFT for the development as we planned. Then we will have Week11 to do the polishment and Week12 will be the Soft Opening week to […]

Week 8: Working Hard on Activity 2

Week 8: Working Hard on Activity 2 This week we put all of our energy on activity 2. Here are some updates. Art Updates Since Activity 2 is a Skate Park Theme, so our artist Sophia played with Finley and […]

Week 7: Half Presentation & Begin Activity 2

Week 7: Half Presentation & Begin Activity 2 Half Presentation Wednesday this week, we had our 1/2 presentation! It is called 1/2 presentation because it happens in our middle of the semester and takes part of our midterm grades. Here […]

Week 6: Finishing the First Activity

Week 6: Finishing the First Activity (Beta) This week, we finish the Beta version of our first activity, folding activity! Why we start to call it activity? What it’s Beta version? Wanna see more of the story? Read more then! […]

Week 5: Getting Further

Week 5: Getting Further Hi there! Another week is gone~ We did have a lot of fun! Come and see what’s new! Name Our Character This week, we finally made our decision on the name of the chinchilla character! Finley […]