Katherine Wheeler


Katherine is a Pittsburgh-based designer of narrative, interactive, and immersive experiences in the physical and digital world. She hopes to apply her experience in narrative and sound design for games to a career in themed entertainment and experience design.

Yuting Jing (Leslie)


Leslie studied Software Engineering during her undergraduate studies. She also learnt to be a 3D artist and technical artist in the first year in ETC. Now she’s more willing to be a producer or a product manager in future endeavors.

Sophia Videva


Sophia is a technical artist and animator who specializes in character art. She enjoys developing models and custom rigs for films, games, and interactive media. After studying Fine Art and Game Design at Carnegie Mellon, Sophia came to the ETC to broaden her knowledge on creating powerful and immersive worlds using visual narrative.

Yuanqin Fan


Yuanqin is a graduate student in CMU ETC (Entertainment Technology Center) with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the UCI (University of California, Irvine). He is interested in web and game development. And he always has the willingness to learn and adapt to new programming languages, frameworks, and game engines.

Pengcheng Li (Jacob)


Jacob is a game-play programmer at the ETC with a keen interest in AR/VR technologies. Currently, he is studying remotely in Singapore but plans to work in the United States once he graduates. He earned his Bachelor’s of Computer Science degree from National University of Singapore (NUS) focusing on interactive media and machine learning. He is passionate in building software and games to making the world a better place. On the side, he enjoys picking up new skills while staying healthy through exercising.


Mike Christel


Mike is interested in the development and evaluation of transformational games, especially in the areas of education and health care. Mike joined the ETC Faculty in 2008, moving from Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Department.

Tom Corbett


Tom Corbett is an instructor in Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. He teaches courses related to Intelligent Environments, Game Design, Media Design, and Physical Computing for IDeATe.