Teacher Resource Guide

WanderMath consists of three activities: the Birthday Party, the Skate Park, and the Carnival. It covers geometry concepts such as folding the nets of 3D shapes, calculating the volume of prisms, and graphing points on the coordinate plane.

Before jumping into the detailed guide for each activity, you can click here to learn more about the devices suitable for WanderMath

Birthday Party

In this activity, students are going to a birthday party with Finley! As they fold presents with Finley, they’ll get to see how 2D nets can be turned into 3D shapes. Kids are encouraged to stand up and walk around to see different faces of the shape.

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Skate Park

In this activity, your students are helping Finley create a skate park! As they construct ledges and ramps, they’ll get to see volume come to life with real-world measurements.

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In this activity, students will play with virtual water balloons at Finley’s Cartesian Carnival. By aiming their water balloon cannon along the two coordinate axes and the coordinate plane, they’ll practice graphing points in the first quadrant.

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