Week 9: Wrapping up and starting new

Hi everyone! It’s already week 9! ONE WEEK LEFT for the development as we planned. Then we will have Week11 to do the polishment and Week12 will be the Soft Opening week to see our final deliverables. Based on that, the workload for this week is not small.

Design for Activity 3

As we said in the instruction, not much time is left for us. We need to design Activity 3 to be as easy as possible for programmers to develop, but also need to follow the fun, which is quite demanding for the designer. But Kat figured it out!

Remember last week, we had questions that the theme of this activity was uncertain, the reason why Finley wants us to throw the balls was unclear. Given the Carnival Theme to the activity, everything is explainable. Also, to follow the fun, we have prizes after each of the target doors.

To help kids get familiar with the coordinate plane concept, as well as the game mechanism, we start with the x-axis, then the y-axis, then x and y axes with the coordinate data, finally only the target and no coordinate data.

Tech Update

Though the design is kind of finalized, programmers are still working on Activity2 for most of their time this week. So, our alternate programmer Leslie is able to help to explore the mechanism for Activity3.

As for Activity2, the Skate Park Activity, our tech team, Jacob and Yuanqin, did the following updates.

  1. Enhanced the dragging mechanism
  2. Found a better way to implement animation for Finley for each phase
  3. Implemented a more accurate rectangle detection mechanism
  4. Add limitation to the dragging & concrete UI

Here’s the new demo video of the Skate Park Activity

As for Activity3, the Carnival Activity, Leslie was able to implement the throwing mechanism. Jacob and Yuanqin added the movable function to the ballon. The coordinate plane and the target are not ready yet. Right now are just placeholders. Here’s the simplest demo of it.

Art Update

On the art side, Sophia successfully made a Finley shaking water animation. Cute, right? The carnival booth is still in progress. You will see how great it is next week! You can always trust our Sophia!