Week11: Polishing Up!

This week we polished as much as we can for all the three activities we had. Let me walk you through it!


Good News! We have everything ready for activity 1. Here’s the list of enhancements we’ve completed.

  • Fixed – the shapes overlap with each other sometimes.
  • Fixed – if I fold two cubes correctly in Phase 2, the shapes in phase 3 will be duplicated
  • Added – 3D cutscene video for birthday party scene with sound effect will automatically show up after folding all shapes.
  • Removed – double tap Finley to go to the ending scene.


As for activity2, we didn’t change much. The two major problems were players cannot see Finley and the dots at the same time, and the space and concrete for the skate park were not enough. Therefore, we did the following two improvements on Activity2.

  • Fixed – Make the dots and Finley closer. Finley is hard to find at first, then hard to find the two dots
  • Added – 6 cubic ft concrete for phase 3 and 4×4 dots

Next week, before Soft, we still have 3 days to do the improvements. We will try to figure out a better way to show the volume in 3D space. One possible solution is using small pillars in a different color to highlight the edges better.


As for activity3, we had a hand UI to indicate how to move the cannon, which is not implemented yet, but it can be done real quick next week.


We also added the following for all three activities:

  • Added – a menu page
  • Added – a setting icon, which is WanderMath Logo
  • Added – inside the setting icon, there are three buttons: Back to Main Menu, Reset the current phase, and Close Setting
  • Added – a loading bar before each activity beigin