Week 8: Working Hard on Activity 2

This week we put all of our energy on activity 2. Here are some updates.

Art Updates

Since Activity 2 is a Skate Park Theme, so our artist Sophia played with Finley and their skateboard a lot this week! Here’s the preview of the animations!

Tech Updates

As for developing, our programmers meet several problems this week. So the progress of this activity is not as fast as we thought. The reasons why the estimated time and actual time is different are the following:

  1. Animations need to interact with the 3D objects in AR world, which is something we didn’t explore in Activity 1.
  2. Raising up one side of the cube is hard. Programmers found API called pro-builder to fix it.
  3. The measurement accuracy in AR world is hard to promise. The length of the side and the volume of the object can be different in the AR world and in the real world.

In this demo video, some bugs still exist, such as Finley going through the cube, misleading UI, and not readable blue text. This will all be fixed next week before Wednesday.

Design for Activity 3

As we planned, we should start to develop activity3 next week. Thus, Kat proposed two ideas for activity3.

1. Catapult Angle Classification aka Finley’s Baseball Practice

The goal for this game is to help kids get familiar with angle with Catapult.

However, the limitation for this design is that:

  1. With a real catapult, the angle up/down matters as well, so this may not seem realistic to only limit them to one axis of rotation.
  2. It could seem more like a skill-and-drill activity.

2. Catapult  Coordinates, aka Finley’s Treasure Trove Practice

The goal for this game is to help kids get familiar with coordinates with Catapult.

The first variant of this idea is having a horizontal coordinate plane, which requires gravity simulation.

The second variant of this idea is having a vertical coordinate plane.

However, we haven’t decided on the specific theming for both variants. For example, why does Finley need our opinion on random objects? This needs to be figured out next week.

Update Teacher Resource Guide

This week, we also updated the Teacher Resource Guide for activity two. Check it out here!