Week 4: Get started!

Week 4: Get started! Hi everyone, this’s Week 4! We have our first prototype to show you this week! Game design! Before the first game demo, there must be a game design! We got inspiration from both Math Walks and […]

Week 3: Quarters

Week 3: Quarters Hi there! This is Week 3! We had Quarters this week! Quarter means we are in the 1/4 of the semester. As you can see in Blog 2, we have a project room. So this Wednesday, we […]

Week 2: Brainstorming

Week 2: Brainstorming Another exciting week has gone! Remember our first obstacle? Imperfect Chromebook! We need to get the device decided ASAP to go further in game design. Land on a device Thus, we think up three ways to solve […]

Week 1: Defining the Problem

Week 1: Defining the Problem Hello, and welcome to the project blog for WanderMath!  Introduction We are a team of five students from the CMU ETC, working with West Liberty University to create an AR/VR Math Walks experience for 4th […]