Week 9 : Build Improvements

Last week, our main focus was to work towards our first build. Carrying on from there, our focus this week was to work towards improving stuff from our first build. There were many things that were not working correctly which we needed to rectify and additionally there are many new things that we need to work towards.

One problem with our scenes is that there is a lot of difference between the photorealism of the opening scene (the living room scene) and the garage/lab scene. This shows a disconnect in the experience we want to create. However, since we have a lack of artists on the team, it is difficult for us to change this. We are brainstorming on some ways to change this but we are not very sure where we can go.

We also realized that we need some small tutorials before each interaction begins. This is because right now the player is put directly into the center of the experience and it is difficult for them to understand exactly what to do.

Next, we also need some work on the UI for the rhythm game and we have been brainstorming on what to do about that. After speaking with our client, Damola Idowu, we have decided to pursue a graffiti style background.

Lastly, we need to incorporate more story elements to connect all the interactions together. Along with this, we also need to tie everything back to STEAM because ultimately our goal is to inspire kids to take up STEAM careers.

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