Week 10 : New Interaction

In the past two weeks, we were trying to work on the numbers game and the rhythm game. We have been iterating and improving both of them and work is still ongoing. This week, we have started work on the third minigame, which we are expecting is going to be something that involves smart glasses.

The idea of the smart glasses has been floating around with us since halves. We have made some designs of it and this week we started with our first prototype of it. Right now, the idea is to have a jigsaw puzzle type of game with a 3D model of the glasses. We have started with a prototype and it shows promise.

We want the 3D model of the glasses to be similar to the design made by our client Wole Idowu. This can tie in well with the message that we are trying to convey : “STEAM can help you build some cool things like these 3D glasses”.

Other than that, we have been constantly receiving valuable feedback from our faculty instructor Mike Christel who is helping out a lot with playtesting and identifying bugs in our build. Since week 8, when we came out with our first build, we have been coming up with one build per week. This incorporates all the changes that we have made for the week.

We also came up with a tutorial for the numbers game. This now gives some valuable instructions to the player about what they need to do in the game. This is quite helpful in figuring out what the game expects from you and sets the player up on a path to success.

In the coming weeks, we want to keep improving our rhythm game and numbers game and try to flesh out the glasses game. Along with this, we also want to begin work on the ending scene of our entire experience. This involves some dialogue between father and child. We have already asked our client Damola Idowu for help with recording dialogue!

All in all, the different pieces of our experience have started to come together now and we are headed in an exciting direction!

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