Week 1 : Getting Started

As an opening for our project, we got to meet our client Damola Idowu. He is quite enthusiastic about the project. He passionately talks about his life experiences and how it can serve as an inspiration to others.

We have been presented with a daunting goal. The idea is to build an interactive experience which can inspire young African American kids in high school to take up STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) as their career. The goal is daunting because it is quite broad. We need to brainstorm a lot for ideas that can hope to achieve this goal.

Of course, another highlight of the week was that we all met each other as a team for the first time. The first years on the team (Zi, Runzhao) and the second years on the team (Yifan, Aubrey and Ram) have never really met in real life. But so are the challenges of remote work and we must look to work with each other through Zoom and Slack.

Although we know that the task ahead of us is difficult, we are looking forward to working together towards our goal. We already have a few ideas that we can look to try but it is going to involve a lot of iteration to come up with something that works well.

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