Week 6 : Preparing for Halves

This week was spent frantically prepare for our halves presentation. Based on our new idea, there were a lot of things to implement, which are described below.

Here are some of the different aspects of the experience that we worked on (when we were not preparing for the presentation)

  • Living Room Scene : This is where the story starts and the entry point of the experience. We want the player to start the experience and end up in this scene. Here we explain the story and what the player is trying to achieve. The following are some screenshots of the different parts of this scene:
    • The first thing the player sees is the TV in the front and a news broadcast plays in the background. Here the player finds out that their father, The Great Deity Dah is a superhero who is on a mission to ensure clean energy for the city.
  • Door to the garage / lab : The player then moves on to find a door to the garage and a note on the door which has been left by the father. It says to wait for the father to return before resuming work on the car. Here’s how it looks:
  • Garage / Lab : This is where the player first sees the car which is the center point of the entire experience. This is point which connect the remaining parts of the experience.
  • Numbers Minigame : This minigame is all about finding the shortest path from start to finish such that it adds up to a specific sum. We believe that this is a great way for the players to test their math abilities and get better at it.
  • Rhythm Game (minigame) : This is the second minigame that we have been working on. We want to leverage our client (Damola’s) music and use it to create a meaningful experience. The interaction in the minigame is simple. All we need to do is to tap on the screen every time a bar aligns with the finish line. This interaction needs a lot of polish that we will add in the coming weeks.

Moving into halves we want to show everything we’ve got and get some valuable feedback from faculty on what we are trying to make and the direction that we are headed in.

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