Week 5 : Our New Idea

Moving forward from quarters and taking into consideration all the feedback that we received, the team came up with a new idea completely unrelated to bullying. What we want to do now is to make a story driven experience that is filled with multiple different interactions in the form of mini games.

Main storyline: The main storyline which is poised to serve as a backbone of the experience is that you are the superhero Great Deity Dah’s child and while he is off on a mission, you walk into his lab. Although he has asked you not to touch anything till he is back, you decide to fix his car. This process of fixing his car is the trigger for multiple mini games. Finally you are done fixing his card and when he finally comes back home, he is overjoyed to see all that you have achieved.

The following are some of the interactions that we are planning to implement:

  1. Pathfinding minigame: We have begun work on a rough prototype for this. The basic idea is to have a grid of numbers and you need to do some math to figure out a part from the start tile to the end tile which contains numbers that adds up exactly to a given sum. We are thinking about making this with multiple difficulty levels so that the difficulty can be adjusted later if required. We hope to tie this in with the pathfinding systems of autonomous cars.
  2. Rhythm game: Our client Damola has created a lot of really good rap music and one of the things we would like to do in the project is to incorporate it into our experience. This is where the idea of a rhythm game comes in. We would really like to make a rhythm game that is based on Damola’s rap music. Right now we are thinking about using instrumental jazz music from one of his songs with several different instruments. This can cool because we can have pictures of multiple pictures in the background while the players are tapping along to the rhythm game.
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