Week 12 : Working towards Soft Opening

This week we worked on polishing our existing experience and tried to tie everything together. The major improvements that came this week was the background music in pending scenes, the STEAM board and adding Damola’s dialogues to the game. These changes were made keeping in mind the soft opening which is next week during which faculty members will see our experience and give us some valuable feedback.

For softs, our idea is to do a video playthrough because not all faculty have access to an Android device. Therefore, the game would not be playable for them and a video playthrough can be a good substitute. Hopefully, next week we can get some valuable faculty feedback.

There were several scenes that were lacking a background music score and to fix that we edited several clips from Damola’s music and used that in several scenes which were lacking a background score. This greatly improved the audio experience while playing the game and really makes it feel nice.

Next, we added a STEAM board. The purpose of this board is to tie the minigames to STEAM (which is the purpose of our project). In order to light up the STEAM board, players need to collect the badges pertaining to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics by completing the minigames. So for example, when players finish the numbers game, they earn the science and math badges as seen below:

Similarly when players finish the rhythm game, they earn the arts badge and when they finish the glasses design game, they earn the technology and engineering badge.

Hopefully, these changes really bring the STEAM part of the game together and make the experience seem connected to the broader goal of the project.

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