Week 8 : Our First Build

Its a little late for our first build of the semester but we finally got it done! Experimenting with different ideas before selecting one took its time during our initial weeks. However, we are glad that we looked at multiple different ideas before finalizing one because the current idea matches well with what we want to achieve and what we are good at making.

Things that are new in the build:

  • Complete revamp of our living room scene : This scene is now quite photorealistic and looks beautiful. This now replaces the earlier image based living room scene we had. However, one criticism that we have received related to the new scene is that there is a disconnect between this scene and the garage scene because of the difference in art style. However, our client (Damola Idowu) really likes this scene so we are going ahead with it for now.
  • UI Updates for the Numbers Minigame : We realized that the numbers minigame requires a lot of UI tweaking in order to make it a good experience for the players. Additionally, we are working on creating a small tutorial scene for the players as well.

  • Polishing the rhythm game : The rhythm game requires a lot of polish in order to make it fit in the entire experience. For now, the backgrounds needs to be modified and we are in the process of creating some.

  • Design of our third interaction (minigame based on Smart Glasses designed by Wole Idowu) : We are also concurrently working on designing the glasses minigame. At this point, we are looking to make it a 3D jigsaw puzzle type game where the players needs to move and rotate pieces of the smart glasses and complete the design.

All things considered, there has been some substantial progress this week. Now that we have a build, it becomes a lot easier to iterate and keep improving it. We have a few weeks remaining before softs and we want to do our best to create a cohesive experience by then.

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