Week 14 : Android Playstore Release

This week was a proud moment for our team because finally after the many weeks of hard work, we were able to release our game on the Android Playstore. Here is a link for it, if you want to test it out :

Dah-Varsity – Apps on Google Play

Note that in order to install the app, you would need to have an Android device (phone/tablet) and for an easy install experience, it is recommended that you open the link on your Android device.

We included several improvements in our Playstore build which involved several ideas we got from the soft opening and playtest session last week. There were many UI changes made to the numbers game and its tutorial in order to make it more intuitive and easier to learn and play.

We also spent a considerable effort this week working on our final presentation which is due next week on Monday (10-May-21). In fact, we are going to be the first team to do their final presentation this semester. We are confident that we did a lot of great work this semester and we will get a chance to talk about the experience we had, our journey and then the lessons that we learnt.

In other news, we are also going to have two playtests next week. One remote playtest session on Tuesday (11-May-21) with kids from Assemble, and another in-person playtest session on Thursday (13-May-21) with kids from Boys and Girls club. We are grateful to Devon Dill and Christine Nguyen for help with setting this up.

In the final week of the project, we look back and are happy with what we have been able to achieve during the semester. Our goal was quite broad and difficult to achieve. We began slow, taking several weeks to come up with the first prototype and build of our application. But in the second half of the semester, the team came together and worked quite hard to deliver a good product at the end. We would like to thank our clients Damola and Wole Idowu and our faculty instructors Mike Christel and Brenda Harger for their valuable support and guidance throughout the semester.

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