Week 3 : Preparation for Quarters

This week’s meeting with Damola involved presentation of all our ideas to him. The merits of each idea was discussed but the one which gained the most traction was the idea of the interactive graphic novel. Here is some feedback we got for each :

The multiplayer idea is good but it can require a lot of 3D art which is something we may find difficult to come up with since no one in the team is really a 3D artist (or an artist for that matter).

The location based experience idea is really interesting but it requires the players to physically come to CMU. This might make it inaccessible to a lot of people because they dont live in Pittsburgh or they dont have the means to come to CMU even if they live in Pittsburgh.

The graphic novel idea is good because it is a nice way to tell the father son story, which can be the bedrock of the inspiration we want to deliver. We can also add Damola’s rap music in the background and that can serve as a nice background that improves the feel of the graphic novel and can be quite relevant to the story we want to tell. Of course, this is not to say that there are no challenges here. For one, we suffer from the same problem that we do not have artists on the team, or storywriters for that matter, so going ahead with a graphic novel might not be the best for us.

However, in order to prepare for quarters, we are going ahead with the graphic novel idea. We are thinking about basing it on the bullying experiences of Damola because we think it is quite relatable for our audience and it can serve as a good inspirational story.

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