Weekly Blog

Week 8: Moving forward

Work Done This Week

This week the team is taking in the feedback from all the faculties given on our presentation. Good reflection realigns the team’s progress with the vision from the client and faculty expectations. Turns out, we are on the right track.

The team was somewhat lucky to land on an efficient production pipeline that proves to work. Design goes first, providing design documentation, tentative implementation plan and levels if needed; programming and art carries out production following discussion with design; and finally the whole team review the result and polish. We wasted little to no time.

Client Meeting

We showcased our latest game, the polished “Cookie Creature” experience the picoCTF team on Friday. The feedback was positive. Ivan from the team liked the gameplay and thinks the game conveys the necessary basic knowledge that the pico team wants to cover. The consistency of art style was also something the client appreciates.

The game is now up on the internet running smooth in webGL. You can check out the game here. It includes the first 2 mini games:

Plan for Next Week

Next week, the team plans to finish all the circuit fixing levels for our third mini game, art, design and programming all integrated and functional. Stay tuned.