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Week 12: Softs Presentation

Work Done This Week

Softs Presentation

This week is our Softs Presentation week! With the list of improvements we gathered from softs playtest, the team continued to iterate on all four mini games and the overall experience. Sincere thanks to everyone who participated in our playtests!

Putting Everything Together 

The team compiled a huge list of feedback from Mike and Ruth after our Monday Softs opening. We are so happy to find that they in general loved our mini games. The team agreed that at this point the major task was to ensure the stability of the game and enhance the user experience as much as possible. a major part of that boils down to re-designing and tweaking some of the UI elements so that playing the games feels more intuitive and natural. Additionally, our programmers talked with folks back at Cylab on integrating our experience onto their servers.

The team also decided to make changes to the house sorting questions and make the experience more of a collabrative problem-solving task than what the game is now, which puts too much unnecessary emphasis on competitions between houses.

Our mini game experience has an official name now: “Katalyst”. One day the team suddenly decided to stop working, go outside and have a walk. Then we were simply inspired by a signpost on our way. That was how “Katalyst”, the name, came to be.

Lastly, our project has a trailer now! You can find this trailer on our media page. Enjoy

Plan for Next Week

It’s certainly been quite a wild ride to look back on everything we’ve gone through and accomplished since September! Things to do next week:

  • Post-mortem
  • New team score system
  • Slide deck for Final Presentation