Weekly Blog

Week 11: Final Mini Game & Polish

Work Done This Week

Final Mini Game Implemented

What a way to kick off the week with the programmer on the team showing off a working implementation of the “Matryoshka Potion Making” mini game! The prototype even included auto-indentation, a concept that was not on the list of ideas the team need to cover. With the working prototype completed, art quickly started creating assets for this final mini game. The final look and feel of this mini game are the closest to, among the 4 mini games, a real-life programming interface. The team feels confident in this decision as the game will come with detailed tutorials. The team also made sure that the interface to control and receive feedback from the game is intuitive.

Quality-of-life improvements

Besides the implementation of the final mini game, the team summarized the playtest feedback last week and started to implement quality-of-Life improvements. To improve the onboarding and offboarding process for the overall experience, the team improved the original intro scene and text in addition to adding an outro scene that plays when the player finishes all the mini games.


Our programmers have also been working hard to implement adjustments and changes to our overall experience.

1. Clean up the clear-stage tracking.
Changed the method of progress clear-stage tracking from using boolean array to a new logic. The boolean method was originally implemented since old mini games had only one level. However, new mini-games have more than one level. Additionally, “Cleared stages” is not only related to mini-games but also to reading content and scoring system.

2. Update “Professor Koh”
To support tabs, our programmers brought back a custom Class “Lesson.” It was a bit painful because they removed the “Lesson” class and used string primitive data types in the previous iteration. The new code is now more extensible.

Lots of room for content!

3. Added animation to the intro text
Our programmers added a lot of new text before and after queries in the intro scene to our game. To make the visual and experience more interesting and alive, they also added text animation.

Also, fireworks!

Plan for Next Week

Next week is going to be our Softs Presentation. The team made a build of the entire game on Friday and will use it during Softs week. Other than that, the team will try to finish all the features for the game by the end of next week. In terms of production, the team will start preparing the deliverable trailer and any necessary ETC festival materials.