Weekly Blog

Week 2: Brainstorming, idea finds a way

Work Done This Week


The team spent the majority of time this week researching ideas/game genres that could fit as the wrapper of this picoCTF warm up game experience we will be delivering. Brainstorming is a fun yet energy draining process. Luckily, with the help of the “composition box” workshop, we were able to narrow down the development path the team will be treading in terms of game ideas as well as theming plans for those game ideas respectively.

For the upcoming initial presentation of ideas to the client, the team agreed to have visuals to support the showcase (reference materials of other games, films, sketches etc.), in addition to pitching/presenting multiple ideas for the client to choose from. Lastly, we will be updating the faculty advisors after the client meeting.

After sorting out the game ideas ourselves on google slide, we met with our faculty instructors to discuss the viability as well as appropriateness of each. This step is important as faculties are the first layer of filter that would eliminate anything impractical or way out of scope. Furthermore, having this internal review made communication with the client more efficient. 

Client Meeting

The talk with the client clarified our direction even further. Our client liked the mini games pitch and encouraged us to come up with more mini game idea that could cover the warm-up problems on the list. Additionally, they reminded us that the final game, ideally, will achieve a balance between harsh command line vs. user friendly interactions, and would push the player into some challenges/self learning. Lastly, our client advised us not to overshoot for making too many mini games (like including all the 14 problems on the list).


In terms of tech, the team chose Unity WebGL as our development platform. This is our platform of choice as the programmers on the team had rich experience working on it. The team also landed upon using 2D art as the main aesthetics considering the limitation of the project as well as the team’s skill set.

On the team production side, we’ve started working on our team logo, poster, and website. We were still discussing the best way for team bonding and how we want our team photo made.

Plan for Next Week

Next week we are going to zero in on our mini game collection pitch and work out a few prototypes as well the theming. We also need to prepare for quarters presentation (yes, this semester is quite different). Lastly, stay tuned on our logo and other branding materials. Ciao!