Weekly Blog

Week 6: Preparing for halves

Work Done This Week

Up and running…

Thanks to our talented programmers, our game is up and running in WebGL on the official picoCTF website. Duing production, the team made sure that the game would run on any platform with the lowest spec by asking for “the worst” Chromebook the ETC could provide. We ran our game on the Chromebook. It worked without any hiccups.

Game Design

During our faculty meeting this week, we not only asked for feedbacks on our game, but also rehearsed the presentation for the two to smooth out the flow. There was no major problem with our presentation, but there was indeed some minor structural problems and design decisions that needed improvements:

  1. Heather suggested that we randomize the final door code to our room escape experience as in real life, groups can easily exchange the actual code that the game breaks.
  2. Looking at the “cookie creature” experience (which we totally renamed for potential confusion and legal reasons), the cookie machine reminds the faculty a bit too much of a cocktail machine of some sort. Maybe it needs some iteration.
  3. In our final rehearsal on Friday, one other faculty pointed out that to make the presentation better, we need to make it more “juicy”, less “boring”. That, is going to be a myth to solve… As currently, we do not yet have a complete stroyline that ties all the mini games in.


Our talented artist took in the feedback from the faculty and iterated on the final look of the “cookie creature” experience. This honestly really goes well for the consistency of the theme:

Plan for Next Week

The team will be the first group (of the entire ETC) to present, on Monday. Having spent quite a bit of time this week tweaking the halves slide, the team has nothing else planned outside of continuing working on the “cookie creature” experience to a shippable level, as well as starting production on the “encapsulation” mini game. Finally, on Monday we will have our final rehearsal at 12pm. Stay tuned and see you on Monday!