Overview of the project Blindspot is an Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) project in partnership with the […]
We’re approaching the end of this semester. This week, we made final changes to the script […]
Usually, Softs is where a team presents its deliverable to the faculty and gets feedback. Then […]
Yeah! We now have all of our 3 chapters ready to play at /demo/ Our demo […]
The programmer is adding visual hints to the puzzles in previous chapters and developing the puzzles […]
While holding playtests, we started to design and write a story script for Chapter 3. In […]
We recommend you to play it full screen using Chrome and a mouse. (Refresh the page […]
We got everything on track. We have our story script, flashback cut-scenes, puzzles design and development […]
Like we promised last week, we’re working on the story scripting, puzzle art assets, and programming […]
We gave our 1/2 presentation to the ETC faculty this week. We first introduced the team, […]