While holding playtests, we started to design and write a story script for Chapter 3. In Chapter 3, we intended to let Meimei act more directly on those issues and also receive help and support from her friends.

The scenario is that Meimei is having a party at a friend’s house. She first feeling excluded but then she receives help from one of her close friends and talks openly about microaggressions she just had with the friend. The artist is working on the scene assets, the writer is working on the script, the programmer is developing the puzzles.

Also, we had internal testing with our instructors and client before we tested it publicly so that we could make quick fixes to the game. The main changes we made were refining some art assets that were either inconsistent or causing confusion. Then we tested with ETC students, CMU students, and D3 Lab.

We got 13 responses in total, which is not a lot but is a much more diverse sample group compared to our previous playtests. We also added a logger system to the game to get more data about player activities. For example, we know the time that takes a player to solve a puzzle.

Forms response chart. Question title: What is your race?. Number of responses: 13 responses.

The playtesting survey mainly asked about what do they feel about solving the puzzles, main character Meimei, and the overall experience, respectively.

We thought the next steps will be similar to the below responses. Adding more hints to puzzles would have the top priority. Next week, we’ll focus on hinting and developing Chapter 3.



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