Blindspot is an Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) project in partnership with the Data-Driven Diversity Lab (D3) at Carnegie Mellon University. D3 uses data and insights from psychology and behavioral economics to understand how different groups experience student success, thriving, and a sense of belonging at Carnegie Mellon University. Using D3’s insights, our team is creating an interactive transformational experience that raises awareness and inspires people to take action on stereotype threats and microaggressions.

Canegie Mellon University

For this project, the client (Data Driven Diversity Lab in CMU’s Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences) proposes the creation of an interactive game or narrative experience that is informed by cutting edge theory about implicit bias and microaggressions targeting marginalized student populations, with the goal of evaluation and implementation of the game at CMU. The game to be designed should address bias from multiple perspectives and stimulate deeper insight and perspective-taking about the experiences of bias using an intersectional approach (i.e., considering how the interaction between different identities impact a student’s experience at CMU). Equally importantly, these games could provide a more accessible starting point for conversations and reflections on implicit and systemic bias at CMU.

Data-Driven Diversity Lab