We got everything on track. We have our story script, flashback cut-scenes, puzzles design and development ready. While we designed ahead, we found there’re were lots of details that need to be figured out while we’re making Chapter 2. For example, the plot is that when Frank and Jasmine go to the serving areas to take foods (pizza), Meimei is supposed to get dumplings. Meimei needs to go to a different place to get dumpling but how can we let the player know? We don’t want to force Meimei to go there (programmatically) as we want to give players freedom here. Our solution is that we let Frank and Jasmine go first. The player would want to either follow them or go to a different place. If following them to the counter that serves pizza, Meimei will have an inner voice that tells the player “I ate pizza yesterday. I want something else.” Eventually Meimei picks up dumplings as her meal and returns to her seat. Another small touch is that we originally had a line “Maybe have some beer with chicken wings, that will be awesome!” When we played the prototype, we noticed it would be better replace the “beer” to something else as our audience (mostly college students) might not be able to consume alcohol. There were many examples like these where we adjusted design or script as we’re developing the game.

Here’re some snapshots of Chapter 2! You could also play the prototype here -https://projectblindspot.itch.io/chapter1-demo (The link may be expired as we’re further developing the game)

Friends talking about Super Bowl
Puzzle 1 – Process conversations (Taking exam)
Puzzle 1 – Process conversations (Super Bowl)
Puzzle 2 – Memories of Spring Festival
Interaction – Sharing food
Flashback Version 1
Flashback Version 2

Before we test publically, we’re internally test it with ourselves, instructors and client. Also, we’ll be adding voice overs to the flashbacks and iterating previous chapter next week.



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