Usually, Softs is where a team presents its deliverable to the faculty and gets feedback. Then the team can use the time before finals to polish its work. However, our game takes about 30 minutes to finish so it’s not possible for the faculty to play in one softs session (10 minutes). Also, the story is sequential. Meimei is more hesitated but in the end, she becomes stronger. We don’t want the faculty to only experience the first 10 minutes and draw a biased conclusion. Therefore, our strategy is to give a short introduction to the deliverable and show them an edited video of the experience along with an explanation.

Some faculty feedback

  • good puzzle choices, keep polishing them
  • could explain more about the strategies to address microaggressions
  • could also explain how the client plans to use this moving forward
  • keep the focus on how this has a personal impact

We’ll keep polishing the puzzles and dialogue this week. We’ll definitely cover the strategies to address microaggressions in our final presentations! It’s not enough time for us to cover those in Softs, but we can do it in finals. We also asked the client about the plans to use this game moving forward. The client said that there are basically 3 potential uses

  • The game could be used in workshops, dorm activities, orientations as an educational activity that brings up discussion.
  • The game could be used in the client’s research. He also can change the dialogue on his own and test out different dialogues.
  • The game could be used in a class that the client taught.

As for the last pullet, yes, we’ll make sure to state that in our finals!

We also asked the necessary items that should be included in the final deliverables. The client stated that deliverables should include

  • The final build along with source code
  • Documentation about the use of the logger
  • Documentation of the hotkeys
  • Documentation about how to change the dialogue

Some updates from our latest build!

Adding pins to the upper right pieces to indicate those pieces are fixed. Otherwise, it causes confusion to the players as some playtesters stated.

Loading animation / Transition between chapters

We also added a loading animation when the game transits to the next chapter. Originally, we planned to have an overworld map at the begining. The player needs to unloack each chaper (building) to proceed. However, it’s not that user friendly if the player doesn’t have any choices but we still show 3 buildings (2 of them are locked).

Hence we used the above animation instead as a transition.

Overworld map (abandoned design)
Rolling credits
Rolling credits

Rolling credits are added at the end. We’ll keep testing and polish the game next week.



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