Yeah! We now have all of our 3 chapters ready to play at /demo/

Our demo video is out as well

Of course, we’ll continue iterating and playtesting. We can’t wait to hear feedback from the faculty and the client! (Next week we’ll have Softs, where we’ll be showing our deliverable and receiving feedback for final touchups!)

Chapter 3 – Scene
Chapter 3 – Interaction
Chapter 3 – Puzzle (v1)
Chapter 3 – Puzzle (v2)

Sharing the ending script

They say I’m shy and quiet.
They say I would rather study in the library the whole day than go to a party.
Is it really me or the label stuck to my body?
I question myself all the time.

Indeed I could see two paths in front of me.
Conform to the stereotype that is expected of me, or adapt to people that surround me.

However, I would like to choose neither of them.
Because I heard a voice echoing from inside of me.
“Follow your heart.”, it said.

I know I’m not alone on this journey.
I always seek support from my loved ones when I feel depressed.
They relieve me from the fog of pain and encourage me to stride forward bravely.

I am who I am no matter what my personality is.

There I go again, on the journey not knowing where it’s going to bring me.

I walk across spacious classrooms, busy streets, surging crowds.

I’ve been into the gloom that taught me to respond actively,
also come through the light that inspired me to share,
and gave me a shoulder when I was frustrated.

I was a passenger traveling through the vibrant space to look for the dream destination.
Still I am and will be.

We designed this ending script to be poetic and personal but we also hope it could make the player emphasize Meimei and feel a sense of hope at the end.

We’re excited to know how the playtesters feel about the ending and the overall experience. Right right, we’re only testing with the ETC students and faculty. We’re reaching out to more people outside of the ETC.



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