For this week, we are rushing into the next stage of animation production. We started adding mask element and more detailed plants models into the scene.

Ariana made models for both 3D and 2D plants of environment.

Besides, our hero trees also got updated and sculpted for making the scene more spooky.

JD mainly made progress of mask and we successfully had our first version of mask with amazing animation.

For the green screen room footage part, we made a lot progress on that. We added more light sources in the room to make the green screen brighter which helped us to distinguish the background from the character and made it easier for JD to key out the green background. After having a successful test, we reshoot footage of scene 2 and 3 to finalize the version of live footage.

In the meanwhile, we also moved to next stage of pre-package production. We added details to three different pitch ideas.

Sound Visualization: A story about protagonist lived in a monochrome world. She could hear sounds telling her “The sky is blue”, but she cannot relate the color to the objects. One day a colorful character visited her world. The colorful character sang magical songs that can be visualized. The songs became flows of color and fills the monochrome world. Finally the protagonist could understand what a colorful world looks like. (Related with concept of synesthesia)

Text Visualization: A story about a magician and special quill. Long ago, a magician used quill to write on parchments and found written text (Ideogram / Phonogram) takes shape as living creature (cat) and escapes the paper. The character paid a lot of efforts to chase the “cat” in his house. (Breaking plates, knocking candle over and etc.) Finally, magician wrote word “string” and use it to lure the “cat” back into its original text status on parchments.

Ruin: In a post apocalypse world, an starving orphan seeks for food to survive. As his/her search does not come out fruitful, the orphan is on the edge of collapse and faint. But when he/she wakes up again, the orphan find himself/herself inside a shelter….

We will push forward to a specific idea after faculty making the final decision.