This week is the week of soft opening. We recieved many feedbacks including positive ones and negative ones.

Feedback for the production

What we did good:

  • Visual is good in general
  • Lighting is matched
  • Like the color palette
  • Story keeps progressing
  • Some faculties get the story of the symbol and masks
  • Like the heartbeat in the sound track
  • Like that the textures of the bark looks like distorted faces

What we can improve:

  • The background is too static
  • Music can be stronger
  • Some faculties didn’t get the story of how protagonist was turned into a mask or why is he in the forest
  • Want more juiciness in the transition of the mask
  • Should add a bit of rim light to the character to separate him from the background
  • The symbol looks like a stylized spider

We sorted our piority list and planned to use the rest one and half week to make shot sequence consistent and add details in several shots to make the connection of charactor and forest stronger.

Feedback for pre package

  • Needs a storyboard. Would be better to have animatics, but not sure if that is in scope
  • Nice to provide different tracks for teams with different skill sets / Should nail down to one package and let the future team to develop a way to achieve that
  • Why first person perspective?
  • Linking different runes to reactions of the magician to demonstrate personality

We also updated our new version of trailor