Our team

Anran “Ariana” Gong (3D Artist)

A 3D game artist who is interested in culture and social topics


Jiadai “JD” He (Technical Artist)

Jiadai He is a technical artist/programmer. She comes from a Computer Science background, and she is interested in exploring techniques to create aesthetically pleasing artworks.


Ye “Leon” Wu (Producer)

Ye Wu, a gameplay programmer and game designer. His background covers computer science and software engineering. He is now using programming and design skills to create more fantastic games!


Rui “Harry” Zhang (2D Artist)

Rui “Harry” Zhang. An 2D/3D artist who is interested in creating fictional universe and si-fi fantasy. Harry is particularly bound up in character concept design and is willing to dig into additional studies and researches to enrich his vision related to the concept art development.