This week, Harry helped to deliver the final version of our team logo, poster and photo.

For this week, JD also helped us to finish the frist version of 2D animatics, which made us have a common vision of how the pace of whole animation should be.

Ariana mainly focus on sculpting and cleaning mesh of hero trees. These trees are prepared for rendering in Maya next week.

For the 1/4 sitdown, we got several feedbacks and we thought they are good to push us forward.

Q: What is the reason and motivation for character to enter the forest?

A: We changed charator role from “Explorer” to “botanist”, which is more related to the concept of forest.

Q: The build up to that critical mask reveal moment is too lengthy. 

A: We plan to get rid of the moment which protagonist wonder around forest without purpose, and the chasing scene. Meanwhile, we will also add more environment establish shot. So current estimate length for the video is 2 min.