A Few Words About Us

Project Instructors: Scott StevensHeather Kelley.

Team Activate is aiming to support IGNITE to inspire and encourage young women who are interested in politics to become the next generation of political leaders. We are developing a web/browser-based visual novel game that helps users to know their level of engagement during the gameplay experience and recommend them to the programs offered by IGNITE.  We hope the players may find interest in based on the choices and results made in our story and help achieve their better selves.

Our Services

Core Ideologo and Mission

Support IGNITE’s mission to inspire and encourage young women to become the next generation of political leaders by creating an effective and practical product.


Develop an interactive media experience which is web / browser- based also mobile / tablet friendly


A visual novel game allow user to be paired with IGNITE programs they may interested in based on their choice and result at the end of the game – play experience

Visual Novel

Experiencing a special political journey with our original story and characters

Flow Experience

Mini games help users increasing the sense of engagement

Political Advice

Know more about IGNITE programs you may interested in based on the result

Our Client

IGNITE ( https://ignitenational.org/) was founded in 2010 to build and inspire political ambition in girls and young women as they are forming their identities and aspirations. They have established powerful evidence that IGNITE’s model moves young women to run and win, and also dramatically increases their political engagement on every level. They have also learned that programming is not enough: they need inspiring messages consistently reinforced and reflected in our culture – words which convey and compel young women to be politically motivated

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