Week 11


What’s New:

Art templates for all four characters
(Include example images)

Next Step:

  • Cut scenes for conversation with student gov and the rally (By end of week 11)
  • Character illustrations for the final ending (By the end of week 12)
  • Final adjustment on the past art sources (By the end of week 13)
  • Organize and handoff all art resources (By the end of week 14)


Final Dialogue Box Design
Ending Cutscenes
Mini Game 3
Link: https://www.figma.com/file/hZo4Sg5lIlsweA6agI8wW8/Activate-UI?node-id=278%3A513


Lots of great feedback so far – have good amount of signups for next week


  • Increased amount of playtests has meant an increased amount of bugs found
  • Focused on fixing bugs
  • Focused on fixing visual issues to ensure playability on browser and mobile and on all common web browsers