Week 12

This week, we had some new art assets updated:

1-the rally scene

2- Changes made on the existing assets based on UI UX designer’s requirements


For next step, our artist will keep working on cut scenes for student gov, and the final ending illustrations.


Our UI UX designers update the ending scenes, and refined the phone scenes.


Next step is replace new character assets to the video scenes, also update the project website.


We had a bgm for the epilogue, which is inspirational and climactic.

Next step is keep working with the themes in this bgm, to create moodier bgms for other scenes.


We had lots of playtests with ETC/IGNITE women, and we will keep working on fix the bugs that we found during playtestings.


We completed minigame 1, and making good progress on minigame 2 now. And we fixed some previous bugs and made other improvements based on the playtest feedback.

Next we will keep working on minigame2, and keep improving from following playtestings.