This week , we are updating new things in following parts:


We had two new scenes updated, which are our characters having conversation with student government and the school president.

Next, our artist will keep working on the ending epilogue illustrations, and doing final adjustments, also prepare for the hand-off.


Our UI/UX designers updated some storyboard images and the character intro pages. Next they will working on player result screen design, also final adjustments on UI/UX.


Overall Game Design:

Need to update some dialogue to give characters distinct personalities

Make certain parts of the story clearer (time jumps/ what they were able to accomplish)



Updated game with 90 new images from artist and UIUX designers

Updated game with new script by Beck and Kirsten

Working on bugs related to screen size


During the softs, we received lots of positive feedbacks, but we also realized that we still have space to improve ourselves.

We will continue working on each part of this project, and making it better.