Week 10

This week we worked on playtest and prototype 2. For our future plans, we will continue to playtest and iterate until we hand off our final product and any necessary documentation to our clients. We will begin to implement sound around week 11, since we will not have any VO or VFX, and we will get SFX and BGM from the ETC sound library and other free use sources.


What’s New:
-C injured image at the beginning
-C hold phone draft 1 and 2, why change to 2
-Art template for A and B
What’s Next:
-Art template for C and D (By the end of this week)

  • Cut scenes for conversation with student gov and the rally (By end of week 11)
  • Character illustrations for the final ending (By the end of week 12)
  • Final adjustment on the past art sources (By the end of week 13)
  • Organize and handoff all art resources (By the end of week 14)


Finished storyboard for 4 chapters
Chapter 1 link
Chapter 2 to 4 slide


Main focus of the last week:
Update prototype with new art
Focus on playtesting
Fix bugs as they are discovered

Also worked on browser implementation of the mini games


Go over feedback: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qwpxTlWOLoAr601uR77cm9FnQgKN3kg5oV50YHvEans/edit#slide=id.gca472fe6e3_0_83



ETC signups for next week