Week 13 (4/17 – 4/21)

This week we playtested at Colonial School. Although this is the last time we playtested here, the students were still very interested in the game. The only concern they had was: the waiting time for clearing a level was too long. They hoped we could make it shorter.

During the playtest session, we noticed that the students were able to:

  • utilize protractor as a tool to estimate angles
  • calculate clockwise and anticlockwise angle value
  • ask help from their peers or teachers
  • collaborate with each other and solve the puzzles
  • enjoy the game

The teacher told us he would use this game:

  • as an in-class supplement to their existing curriculum
  • to form a friendly competition and encourage the students to learn more about the subject
  • as homework assignments to reinforce the lessons in class

We then came back to ETC and iterated the game with better artworks and shortening the winning time.