Tiny is a team of four students from the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. The aim is to create a fun educational game for students at Intermediate Unit 1 and Colonial School. Through continual research, experimentation, and play-testing, Tiny works to push the boundaries of educational experiences with an ultimate goal to help students through a fun, age appropriate, high quality educational game.

Tiny strives to fulfill the unique requirements of students who require an alternative learning solution. Through collaboration with professional educators, Tiny has identified a number of different challenging topics. Among these, tiny has selected angles as the core focus of this project. Focusing on this area the team is actively tackling the challenge of teaching concepts relating to angles whilst making a fun game that engages the target audience.

Tiny’s goal for the project is to explore new ways to enhance interest in angle education and knowledge acquisition by leveraging technology. With the iPad as the platform of choice, Tiny aims to offer an experience that is simple yet practical. With the educational learning goals specified by the client, Tiny is working on developing ways to present the learning process in a way that leaves a long lasting impression on the students.