Week 12 (4/10 – 4/14)

We visited Jessica Hammer on Thursday, she gave us a lot of very useful feedback.


Feedback From Jessica Hammer:

• Red 180 should move clockwise, all red gems should go counter clockwise

• The visual representation of clockwise gems is weird, think about it

• Maybe two step visual representation, show negative angle then positive angle, make it negative

• Make angles movable, but put a boundary on the screen (go with your gut you are doing it right)

• Not completely extrinsic, it is a representation of your achievement, maybe tie it in better to what you are doing with trophys related to the gameplay

• Add labels to the treasure

• Design treasure to convey level

• Make the treasure connect to the concept e.g trophy of two mirrors

• Showed a grey trophy or extra rings for special levels on main map

• If you are using that back button, make it take me back to the level or change it to represent going to someplace different

• Have a different back button map to main menu, have a different back button for cabin to map

• Make sure you are clear on your educational goal

• Read and reference papers. Robert Ziegler findings that board game. Just seeing the number visually helps with estimation

• Way to read academic papers is read the intro, then literature review, then discussion of results at end

• Use google scholar, pick the most highly cited paper, and the most recent

• Create a set of learning goals, then player actions, then game design choices – table


Due to the feedback we decided to refine the beam maker. We made the beam moving and segment moving consistent (same orientation).

We are going to redesign the trophy room to make it fit in the theme.