Wish Kuo


Wish is a software engineer and game designer passionate about creating memorable interactive experiences for every guest. She is interested in interactive techniques, especially those that combine with computer graphics and music. She loves exploring new technologies that expand her skillset.


Wizard Hsu


Wizard is an interactive and data engineer with three years of experience in persuasive technology, applied games, and the healthcare system. He combines deep knowledge with machine learning and data visualization to improve the user experience and product value. 


Yuji Sato

Asst. Producer and Sound Designer

Yuji is a composer and sound designer with an ability to compose in a variety of styles ranging from classical to electronic. He is inspired by soudns and music he enctouenrs throughout his daily life, and seeks to intertwine and blend them into his own unique style. A talented pianist, Yuji has participated in music festivals at Brevard and Bowdoin. 


Jack Wesson

Artist and Designer

Jack is an acclaimed and award winning XR Designer and artist. He founded and served as the Director of the Yale University Student Immersive Media collective, and sits as an alumni advisor on the Yale Blended Reality program. He is passionate about exploring a wide range of creative fields at the Entertainment Technology Center. 


Noah Kankanala

Producer and Sound Designer

Noah is sound designer, composer, and producer interested in combining sound and technology to create immersive experiences that are transformational. He is a lifelong Nintendo fan, loves Studio Ghibli and Pixar films, and is particularly inspired by the works of Koji Kondo and Radiohead.



John Dessler

John is a creative director, programmer, writer, entrepreneur, musician, performer, and digital/fine artist. He is currently special faculty at the ETC, Carnegie Mellon University teaching Visual Story/Communication, VR Story and Sound, Location-Based Entertainment, UI/UX Design, digital art and design.  He has been contracted by, and freelances for companies such as GE, NBC, Tyco, Heinz, and various museums and productions – specializing in visual communication and digital training. He is a published playwright, winner of the Keystone Press and Telly awards, and is an accomplished studio and performing musician. 


Ricardo Washington

Ricardo serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. He specializes in giving the students instruction and guidance in art related areas of the program. Ricardo was a faculty member at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the Game Art and Design department. He taught classes in 3D art, specializing in modeling and texture creation. He also taught game design, animation, and production classes. Before his life as a digital artist, Ricardo worked as a research specialist in the Neurobiology department at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.