Lyraflo began as a question in Spring 2021
  • How could we leverage and apply the VR space [ the privacy, the explorative safety, the environmental control, the kinesthetic input, the haptic feedback, the and spatial audio ] to explore and convey principles of music? 
  • How could we make theoretical learning more interactive and fun through interactions and visualized feedback.

Lyraflo is a multidiscipline team of music creators and appreciators passionate about sharing our love for music with others. Our project goal is explore how interactive visualizations in VR can facilitate engagement with music theory for musically-interested university students. Throughout the semester, we seek to find synergy between VR and music theory. 

Our experience/prototype goal is to foster musical curiosity through the asking of better musical questions. We define musical curiosity as a self-driven pursuit, reflection, or exploration of music. An example of a musical question is “Why does this piece of music sound and feel this way?”

We hope that guests are able to emerge from our experience with an exposure to a particular musical topic and piqued interest that enables them to begin critically reflecting on the music that impacts their lives.