Exploration: Chord Structures, Pitch Intervals, and Dissonance

Logline: In this experience, guests use a pull-back mechanism to fire and resolve dissonant chords. 

Key Interaction: Pulling back and creating notes within a major scale, as mapped to a crossbow.

Key Learnings: Interactivity and Embodiment is successful for illustrating spatial relationships.

Exploration: Chord Progressions

Logline: In this experience, guests stretch and lock chords into pipes in order to create chord progressions.

Key Interaction: Horizontal Squeezing and Stretching

Key Learnings: Complexity can hinder learning goal

Exploration: Major and Minor Tonality

Logline: In this experience, guests modulate songs using major and minor manipulation, and are given environmental feedback. 

Key Interaction: Switching a wheel

Key Learnings: Keeping the music first, channeling focus, experience flow