About us

What is art therapy?

Art therapy uses art as a guiding language to verbalize what might not easily be put into words. In most sessions, the therapist provides the client with art materials and a prompt to respond to. After the client is done making the art, the therapist discusses it with them. Current practices have many practical limitations, such as available art mediums and decoration and arrangement of the physical space.

About us

What is project Impression?

The goal of this project is to explore how VR can address these limitations and enhance the experience, while maintaining key aspects of the therapeutic process. For our deliverable, we aim to create a multiplayer space paired with an intuitive toolset that gives art therapists more options to help clients unlock and express their thoughts and feelings.

The special feature of virtual reality is the sense of immersion. We have made a lot of efforts to realize multi person remote art Psychotherapy…

Waiting Room

There is a physical waiting room in our VR project to prevent special circumstances from disturbing the process of art psychotherapy.

Different Drawing Position 

We have considered different kinds of art psychological counseling and designed different painting spaces for different customers.

Therapist Control

We have designed an exclusive smart watch for therapists to control the whole art therapy process.

Co-Producer & Artist

Co-Producer & UIUX Designer

This is a 14 week project, and our weekly progress is recorded here

As we finish up with our last week of development, we reflect […]
The team only has 2 work days this week as thanksgiving is […]
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