Week 10 (3/27 – 3/31)

During Week Ten we prepared designs for the final levels of the game. These levels were in line with the complexity metrics we established during Week 9.

During this process we also documented our puzzles, and their solutions. This document would not only help recreate these puzzles during development, but could be handed off to teachers as a supporting document.


For this week, we keep working on the game and adding more themes according to the feedback from the students.

First, we finalize our new map and settle down the five different themes we are going to make:

We plan to make themes including: Jungle land, Monkey World, Lake Resort, Beach and Forest.

Monkey World

Lake Resort



For each theme, we add different animal in the environment to make it more attractive.



We plan to add animation of the animals at the end if we have enough time

We also revise our start page to make it more fit for the theme:

Do you think it looks better after we adding those animals into the environment?

We also finish all the level design of the game. Next we are going to play-test with Colonial school students to see whether we need change some levels’ difficulty.