Week 8 (3/6 – 3/10)

Production & Play Testing in ETC

This week we implemented all designs (level design, art design, UI design) into the game, after solving some bugs, we also did a play test within ETC.

Feedback from ETC Play Test

Add measurement such as a number of angle will be helpful.

Add big treasure for rewards. (Indiana Jones style with magic effect)

Give some particle effects of the door open instead of using the beam.


Jesse’s feedback

  • Jesse shocked by sound at first
  • Wondered why there are two masks
  • Loved the responsiveness of the gems
  • Suggested trying to fit the treasure in the map
  • Reinforce the angle – maybe a sound at it goes up, some protractor showing
  • What are the intervals of angles in the game – maybe 15 minimum is good
  • Crystal seems weird
  • Consider a star reward system | Use a turn counter to measure the success of the player e,g 1 turn to finish the level means 3 stars, 2 turns mean two stars, anymore means one star where a turn is a gem placement
  • You don’t need a story, many successful puzzle games have no story at all
  • If it looks different people expect it to act different so only introduce new looking things when you want to signal change


Jessica T.’s feedback

Playtest Observations:

  • Touched the animated moving boy
  • Was totally confused by the two mirrors
  • Did not get having to drag the gem into the slot

Playtest comment:

  • Get them learning the core mechanic
  • Present rules sequentially
  • Come up with three different ways to teach the basic mechanic
  • Make the mirror larger
  • Would be impressed to hear that we playtested and people understand the core mechanic without help


John B.’s feedback

  • Make the number of slots less on earlier levels to avoid confusion
  • Make the environment more interactive e.g give them some feedback even when the angle is wrong
  • Also seriously consider pre and post testing use common core sheets before and after
  • Use in game tests like type in the number that the spider makes in between levels as a test
  • Make an AR protractor tool that has available gems based on correct tests you have done
  • So protractor overlay onto real world with gems that you can slot in and the angle mirror thing reacts