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As a result of last year's the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, CA, and the recent Faculty Seminar at Microsoft, a ground-breaking initiative has been announced; the Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Comparative Media Studies Program, are joining together to create an interactive game dealing with biohazard training and education.

Additional partners in this endeavor are Microsoft, Pennsylvania's Region 13 Weapond of Mass Destruction Task Force, and the Federation of American Scientists.

The division of labor between the ETC and MIT concerns that theETC will focus on game design (i.e., programming, game play, user interface), while MIT focuses on user testing, scoring and feedback. The goal of this project is prototype development and proof of concept.

Direct faculty supervision will be provided by ETC's Jesse Schell. In addition; MIT's Henry Jenkins and Kurt Squire, Chief Robert Full with the Region 13 HAZMAT team leaders, and Microsoft's Randy Hinrichs will be involved intimately as well.