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Hip Hop


Hip Hop is a collaborative experience designed to take advantage of the immersive exhibit area in the Zeum Center in San Francisco. The Jam-O-World will be placed in the center of the space where guests work together to control the performance of a dancing 3D virtual rabbit named Tokli, who is seen on one of three large projections on the walls of the space.

Description of the Game

The four players at the Jam-O-World play a matching game that determines how Tokli dances. Tokli introduces himself to the players and tells them the rules of the game. Each player has to match a card to one of sixteen possible cards using the turntable at their station. The cards are displayed together, so each player can see what the other players are doing. This was done to create a more inviting space for collaborative play. If the players can all match their cards before time runs out, they get to hear Tokli sing and perform one of his many trademark dances. If they can't all match in time, he breaks down and can't dance. After three successes or three losses, Tokli does a 'Super-Win' or a 'Super-Lose' dance and the experience starts over from the beginning.

Goals of the Project

By projecting the images of the stage on three walls of the exibit area, we hope to be able to conduct the players' focus from the table projection surface to the wall screens and each other as they play the game. We also hope to engage all guests in the space, not just those at the Jam-O-World itself. Through our interface design, choice of music clips, and use of movement and light, we hope to make the players at the Jam-O-World aware of their impact on Tokli's dance and the music he is dancing to. 

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