In the December 11, 2000 issue of Business Week, Carnegie Mellon University was featured as one of the most technologically-wired campus. On the first page of the article is a big picture of the Jam-O-Drum. Below is a quote from the article:

"Some of these programs are fun, too. Take the Jam-O-Drum. This gizmo is shaped like a circular table and wired so when you beat on it a projector beams down colorful images onto the surface that match the sounds from the drum. Students have incentive to learn how to program so they can play games or make music together. It also teaches collaborative skills, while stretching their thinking about what's possible. ''I want kids to get crazy. You're not trained to do that in your Java programming course,'' says Tina Blaine, a performance artist and visiting scholar at CMU who created the Jam-O-Drum." has an article on some of the emerging technologiesthat were seen at SigGraph 2000, one of which was the Jam-O-Drum. Click here to see the article and the quicktime movie of an interview with Tina Blaine regarding the Jam-O-Drum.

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