A newly constructed Jam-O-Drum system would be necessary for the exhibit in the Zeum Center. The new system would include the table itself, four video projectors, a sound system and input devices in addition to computer hardware and software. Table Design: The design of the table itself impacts the experience of the Jam-O-Drum greatly. The group had many considerations to deal with including accessibility, table shape, and material choice, as well as number of players and sound system integration. Full text : Table Design

Sound System

The sound system gives the Jam-O-Drum life. The group dealt with many issues when choosing sound hardware, including room acoustics, speaker layout, sound mixes and hardware placement. Full Text : Sound System Design


This Jam-O-Drum was designed with two input devices, a drum pad and a turntable. The input devices are what the user actually comes in contact with. As a result, much time and effort was put into deciding what they look like, how they would remain durable through repeated use, and how they interface with the software running the experiences. Full Text : Input/Output


The construction of the Jam-O-Drum was carefully considered and executed since it would have to look as good as possible while remaining durable to constant use, dirt and liquids over a long life in a public place. It would also have to be shipped across the U.S. for installation. Full Text : Construction

Software System

The Jam-O-Drumís software library was designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind.  We chose Java as the language of implementation because of its suitability for rapid prototyping as well as its high degree of object orientedness. Full Text : Software Design

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