Leslie studied Software Engineering before coming to ETC. She is always willing to explore in new areas. After dipping her toes into 3D art in the first semester in ETC, she would like to combine her skill-sets as a programmer and a 3D artist together and be a technical artist in future endeavors.
Wish is a software engineer, game designer and is willing to create memorable interactive experience for every guest. She received her bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Taiwan. Moreover, she is interested in interactive techniques, especially those combined with computer graphics and music.
Alan Zhang is a software engineer that have developed some fun Android apps, games and game modeling tools.
Mia is a UI/UX designer with a background in Digital Arts and Entertainment Technology, effective at bringing projects from concept to durable prototype. Experienced in visual design, experience design, interactive technology.
Yu (Eric) Zhu is a physicist by training, with research experiences in quantum transport theory and first-principles nanoelectronic device simulations. In recent years, he is passionate about promoting scientific research and science education by exploiting innovative technologies such as AR/VR and AI.